mcgrew security bbs

I’ve not hid my support for the forum (or BBS) format of information exchange; in fact, I think it is one of the best formats when actively used. While I may not participate, I figured I would help post around about a new forum that is trying things out: McGrew Security BBS. We’ll see where this goes and if I find the time to participate, as it is that first year that is the most important (and hardest) for any forum to endure; kinda like trying to siphon water. You have to work at it until it becomes moreorless a self-sustaining conduit of incoming content and people.

One thought on “mcgrew security bbs

  1. Thanks for the plug! It’s definitely an experiment, and will certainly take some time to become self-sustaining (which will be impacted to some degree by how it’s being run 😉 ).
    I have really been enjoying your blog, so you (and your readers) are all more than welcome in my neck of the woods!

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