random thoughts on spam and email sig blocks

Skimming my captured spam comments these days really makes me feel like I’m browsing porn, albeit in text form. I have quite the imagination…and if the guys keep slipping Viagra into my lunch, things are gonna get wrong on a new level.

Ok, kidding! Seriously, my comment spam has skyrocketed since Thursday or Wednesday of last week, almost all about various drugs and the rest about porn. It is amazing how often I catch myself reading one when it doesn’t sound quite obviously spamlike. “Hey man, that’s an interesting post…” I’ve bumped up the filters to get most everything, but if I don’t unmoderate a post you make, feel free to stalk me and track me down or otherwise get my attention.

Joel Esler posted some questions about email signature blocks. Neat. Personally, I keep my signature lengths down to 1-3 lines or so. My name, email address, and maybe who I am if you don’t know me (title or web site). I think I got over the whole quote thing back in 1998, so I don’t do that anymore. I think after you get so many email addresses, you stop really caring to configure and tailor each one.

On a similar topic, I really have a peeve against email disclaimers like “please delete this email if you mistakenly got this…” blah blah blah legal crap. No one freakin’ needs this on every piece of email sent out. It’s useless and stupid. Maybe I should walk around with a card that says, “If I hear some secret you say near me or you hear me calling you a complete asshole, it’s ok and please ignore it if you were not the intended recipient…oh, you’re not the intended recipient, ever.” Yeah, that’d fly.

One thought on “random thoughts on spam and email sig blocks

  1. It’s coincidental you mention comment spam…I am experiencing the same thing; and yes, it seemed to start spiking last week. The spam comment posts are overwhelmingly for porn, closely followed by various ED meds and free ringtones. However, some are just plain unexpected…such as shoes, jewelry and carpenter tools; not things typical in comment spam.
    I haven’t looked at it closely, but I have my own non-scientific theory. I imagine the spike may have something to do with the long holiday weekend in the U.S…the spammers anticipating that the bloggers wouldn’t be monitoring their sites closely, and so they may be hoping that their spam would automatically be posted.
    What I also find interesting are the posts they try to spam with the comments…some are very old. I wonder if they are targetting specific keywords or tags…hmm…

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