no, really, i want my credit details sent over email

This past week I began the motions of signing up for a new gym, for a change of pace as summer feels like it has started. So I signed up on the gym’s (franchise) website and all that jazz. About a day later I get an email from a residential email address saying that my info is being forwarded somewhere and to expect a call back. This email was then sent to another residential address down in texas. And of course, my credit and personal details are in the email, nicely fomatted with HTML tags.

Really, there are still many businesses and people who have no idea how insecure digital methods can be. But even if they do, many of them have no idea what to do about it without spending money to get someone to do it for them, or devote time out of their own life to do it.

If I am happy about nothing else, at least I was able to see that my info was passed over email. This way I won’t be chasing my tail should that card end up with fraudulent charges in the near future…I’ll have an obvious place to begin.