russian roulette 2.0

RSnake and also Andy linked to File-Swap with wonderment in their eyes. More like confounded amazement really. But come on, this site is awesome! It is the modern equivalent to russian roulette! Take a spin! Really, how secure in your systems do ya feel, punk?

Now, I have this thing about user-supplied content and Web 2.0. I’ve been around long enough to see the days where Rotten and EbaumsWorld have spawned up to house all kinds of disgusting junk before dot-coms even thought of busting. Sadly, this file swap is just as ripe for disgusting content as it is malware content. Maybe more so since the former is far easier to achieve than the latter. Then again, use Metasploit to generate some malicious images…? Either way, some ideas may be cool to generate some “wtf,” traffic hits, but a site like this simply cannot have longevity and remain relatively clean.