openvpn server on ubuntu 7

This weekend I finally (after way too long) got my OpenVPN setup to work as desired. I had plenty of workarounds ready, but I was pretty determined to get this working the way I wanted. I think my problem was twofold. First, I needed to turn on ipv4 forwarding on the Ubuntu OpenVPN server. I will be testing this today to see if that really was needed. Second, the Linksys WRT54G route was set up wrong. Not sure what I was thinking, but I corrected the problem this weekend and everything was happy. So I blew away the server VM and rebuilt it without all my little troubleshooting settings and commands to better isolate only exactly what I need to rebuild the system. I’ll provide more details on my install hopefully later this week. After a few more builds, I expect to save a post-install snapshot finally.