10 reasons why the Black Hats have us outgunned

Another interesting list, this one on 10 reasons why the Black Hats have us outgunned. I won’t hit every point, but here are a few things I want to add.

Becoming a Black Hat is a career option even for those who are not super geeks. Very true, and we can see this in the news reports of the people who get caught. They tend to be on the fringe of being a geek, really, especially the stupid spammers. They don’t strike me as particularly skilled at anything beyond their one opportunity and a few tools (hence maybe why they get caught!).

Not all businessmen are entirely averse to the odd hack (on a competitor) I truly wonder exactly how many executives and “high-powered” business persons have a true level of morality. I doubt many do. I expect many have fudged numbers, told white lies, and done some less-than-ethical leveraging and information gathering. When you have money and power at your disposal and you need to protect both, I think a lot of people slide down a rather immoral slope very quickly. If I were a multi-billion-dollar company in a major city with interests to protect, would it be much skin off my teeth to hire someone to sit at the airports all day and “probe” the wireless travelers? Or maybe at my competitor’s airport? I still expect this “career option” to grow, whether I agree with it or not.

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