google apps serves terminal23 email now

Item #1: As much as I think SMTP is broken, spam filters make it even more so. I run my own home mail server for one of my domains, which means sometimes my mail gets dropped because I am using a DHCP/residential service. In other words, my ISP address space is blacklisted by some services. Lame. So then I try Hushmail or Gmail, which is also sometimes blocked. A pretty big WTF situation…

Item #2: You have a Yahoo and Gmail email account. Service is excellent and you nearly live by these email accounts. What one thing would make it better? Being able to replace with your domain, of course.

Conclusion: Enter Google Apps. I just got signed up for a beta service through Google Apps using the domain name I went through all I needed to go through and about 25 minutes later, I have a couple working email addresses on this domain, and I can add new ones within seconds. Rock on! The interface is exactly like Gmail, although I could change the top logo if I wanted to, and I can stay logged into it and Gmail at the same time. Slick!

Feel free to check it out. It took maybe 2 weeks to get approved and an invite emailed out, but it is well worth the wait. This will make an excellent backup to my normal domain and home mail server.