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I’ve been ramping up my studying lately, which has taken some time away from blogging (both reading them and writing some). I’ve also made headway into my huge list of “pending” items that both sit on my bathroom counter and in my email box.

But I have found time to plug away at some more books. I’ve (finally!) started reading Tao of Network Security by Richard Bejtlich. I’ve put this book off way too long (I wanted more background into TCP/IP and Linux before tackling the book, or so I tell myself) and am finally getting into it. I really dig the tone and how Bejtlich presents the topics. Thankfully, the very academic first chapters were followed-up by excellent later chapters that I found much more interesting (maybe because I already knew his positions and definitions from following his blog).

Last night I also started reading Security Metrics by Andrew Jaquith. I really dig this guy’s writing, and I was amazed by the opening tones of the book. First an opening by one of the most recognizable writing styles in security, Dan Geer, which is also visionary and almost prophetic. Just reading anything he writes feels weighty; old and dustry like an important magical tome hidden in some wizard’s tower. Then into Jaquith’s wonderful presentations. I think this book will go fast.

Yes, I read multiple books at once. Sometimes I read novels which just require me and a chair. Other times technical books that pretty much require a computer nearby to follow along. I typically have two or three going at any given time, depending on my mood and the resources nearby. It is usually too much to be reading 2 hands-on books at a time, so I try to keep it mixed up with different flavors of books.

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  1. If you’re interesting in taking up a novel with a fairly high tech-level (sometimes a little Matrix-like, even), try “Daemon” by Leinad Zeraus. It is worth a read.

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