security video round-up

Videos are kinda cool. There are a bunch of them at Security-Freak demonstrating various tools and research. Scroll to the bottom to get past some of the topical videos and see common security tools demonstrated.

Serapis and SecureVision released this web defacement video. This demonstrates how easy it can be to deface a website, especially after you become familiar with a particular method of attack. If you know an attack on the current phpBB version, for instance, the hard part is learning how to pull it off the first time. After that, downing 100 vulnerable instances is cake. I like this video, even though the music is maddeningly annoying. (Oh, and for anyone thinking about producing videos, I really don’t like having to scroll up and down to see the whole screen…)

You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ BackTrack2 WEP cracking video. There’s a number of them out there, and for some reason I just like seeing them.

This video doesn’t load every time for me (Ubuntu+Firefox), but when it does, it gives a demonstration of finding and manipulating out an exploit.

And the MPack demonstration video. The size is small, but still illustrates how web attack toolkits have gained traction.

And, of course, I have other videos listed in the aptly named “videos” section on the left menu.