recovering damaged files

Computer help questions come in many flavors, and while many requests get dodged, there are times when influential or attractive (wink wink) people ask favors that you don’t want to dodge and would rather have a quick and impressive answer. One such situation involves the inevitable accidental file deletion or damaged disk recovery. Two such tools were recently posted to SearchWinComputing, Unstoppable Copier (gui) and Bad Block Copy (cli). There are other tools, but I’ve mentioned them elsewhere on here before (and recently too!). I’m sure there are other forensics tools that do this sort of stuff very nicely, but are likely cost-prohibitive for home users.

One thought on “recovering damaged files

  1. One nice thing about Unstoppable Copier is that the Windows version works (almost) perfectly with Wine (there are some GUI glitches here and there), so you don’t need to use the (interestingly) commercial Linux version 🙂

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