updating my status in world of warcraft

For any other WoW players out there, thought I’d throw down an update for no other reason than I want to. My focus has shifted to simply leveling up and a bit towards pvp; something that doesn’t require me to be a slave to other people 6 hours a night 6 days a week. This is fully just a distraction for me, now.

My Draenei Shaman is now level 61 on Kul’Tiras. He’s been Enhancement spec while leveling with a friend who plays a Hunter. I’ll respec him to Resto in a few levels, I think, and likely look into going pvp with him. I don’t anticipate ownage in pvp over any pure classes, but he should do ok once I get him some gear bought through pvp. A fun class, nonetheless.

My “main” is finally getting some love again and putting on some levels and pvp honor. My 64 affliction gnome warlock on Crushridge is having tons of fun in pvp, especially since his previous raiding gear is better than any but the top level 70 pvp gear so I can save up all my points. Likewise, at 64, I don’t shy away from level 70s. Being a warlock has always owned; it fits my playstyle, and I really can’t enjoy a class more. At level 61, I scored my first legit, 1on1 non-BG level 70 kill…another warlock no less! And about half the time, I am top 1 or 2 in overall damage in AB or WSG. Two more talent points and I’ll fully enjoy an instant cast aoe fear.

Lastly, I am also playing my level 60 priest on Crushridge as well. I happily spent his refunded (from last christmas!) talent points and made him a shadow priest (he was a backup dorf healer in raiding back in the day) to see what it is like. So far it has been fun, especially since I solo him in the Outlands. I doubt I’ll ever devote too much time to him, but he’s at least an option and fun.