fully upgraded to ubuntu 7.04 feisty

Last night I finally moved my last (and main laptop) system up to Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty). The install was painless. Started up the Update Manager, clicked the button to upgrade to 7.04, waited about 40 minutes where I also had to click Ok/Accept/Forward a couple times, and that was it.

I upgraded for a few reasons. First, some things I wanted to get working on my laptop were (supposedly) easily fixed in Feisty, but still overly complicated on Edgy, including using Silc/Tor with IRSSI and OpenVPN client management. Second, I believe in keeping software as updated as possible (within bleeding edge reasons, of course). You don’t want to ever be left behind with unsupported (or unloved!) software that has reduced functionality. It’s a lot like living in the past.

One thought on “fully upgraded to ubuntu 7.04 feisty

  1. Hey Loner,
    I also dropped broke the Windows hold at the house and installed ubuntu 7.04. I am 5 days in. Unlike you, I am a linux n00b, so I am hoping that the full bore approach will force me into learning a little bit.
    That seems to hold true since I have an ATI x1600 video card in the system, and it seems that ATI and linux are not the best of friends. I am trying to get XGL working so that I can install some eyecandy on the machine [Compiz Fusion]. Next will be setting up Wine so that I can play World of Warcraft on it.
    I have learned a lot so far, so the experiment is starting to be a success. I am toying with putting it on my work laptop so that I can be a little more mobile with it.
    Always enjoy your musings, and see you on the SCC,
    Michael Ramm

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