i’m only happy when it rains

Michael Santarcangelo poses an interesting question and analogy to the IT security world: do you dance in the rain? Now, you probably won’t catch me dancing in the rain unless I’m at an ourdoor concert, but I’m definitely not a scurrier, even if I’m wearing a light shirt headed to an important meeting in the pouring rain. Screw the umbrella; enjoy nature’s weather, even if it can be temporarily painful in the winter; you won’t die. (Ok, so if you’re out in the wilderness camping or hiking, you should be careful, but in an urban setting, you’re not going to die.)

But Michael’s right, do what makes you happy and gives you passion. It might be a little weird, but happiness begets productivity, and ultimately, we’re all more than just our jobs. Keep the optimism. The enthusiasm, while looked at askance by some others, will be respected and rewarded eventually.

Considering our jobs in IT and security, we sometimes don’t get our adrenaline pumping until there is an incident. Perhaps that means we might only be happy when it rains? 🙂

2 thoughts on “i’m only happy when it rains

  1. Yeah, I was having a little think about this earlier too. For someone who you may think doesn’t dance in the rain a) because there’s no rain in Spain (except on the plain of course) and b) because I’m a miserable bastard who wouldn’t dance even if he could, I’m actually very positive, more so than Michael sounded in his post in fact.
    I’ve talked previously about the industry stagnating a bit, but I’ve been looking under the rocks and plants, and found some pretty fancy ants. I’m inspired anew, and moving accordingly. As soon as it looks like raining, I’ll be out there in my underpants.

  2. Further complicating the condition is that this (when an incident occurs) is also when we usually get funding for specific security projects.

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