survival of the fittest…or the most economical

Ahh, summer’s beginning to give up her fight [1], portending my favorite season, Autumn! I’ve also been busy at work and at play, which has limited my posting energy. Not only that, but holy crap have some of my feeds been posting a ton the past couple weeks! It is tiring trying to keep up with them, or even to scroll through the articles I don’t care to read.

Today’s news comes from Marcin who reviews the question of going with a series of best of breed solutions or all-in-one security packages? You’ll almost certainly have cost and support benefits from an all-in-one solution, but it may still have small gaps, and certainly tends to be weaker in some areas, if not weaker than the whole of a series of best of breeds put together.

What I would choose is as good in the best of breed as I can afford in time and money based on my company size. As a techie, I’d much prefer best of breed over all-in-one behemoths. I tend to find best of breeds to be more trustworthy and much more surgical in their approaches. In a way, that illustrates a comparison. Would you prefer a specialized surgeon to perform operation X, or a more commoditized but affordable provider? What about for a routine operation? Do you want a common product or something specialized? Agility?

Compliance promotes this idea as does the maturing of the security industry, but should we really settle for “Good Enough” security? Perhaps that is pragmatic, but I’d still like to think anything I secure is better than the typical Good Enough…

[1] If you know this song, props to you, you have some taste!

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  1. “Ahh, summer’s beginning to give up her fight [1], portending my favorite season, Autumn!”
    what?? It’s 104F out right now!

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