war walking the white house on darkreading

DarkReading has a nice article about war walking near the White House and other DC governmental hubs. This certainly takse a level of moxie to even attempt, as I’m not sure I would even try that.

A few points to pull out. I like the mention of EV-DO and would love to see more security measures and exposures on this. I wonder if there is a way to jam EV-DO signals within your area, but not disrupt normal cell phone technology, for instance on a corporate campus. I like the mention that people (even consultants whom you think should know better) piggy-back on any sort of open wireless network they can get to, even if it discloses sensitive information. And a nice quote:

“Later, Rushing shows me how easy it is for a phisher to duplicate one of these internal ‘guest’ log-in screens and grab all the traffic from an unsuspecting client. ‘I’m surprised we don’t see more of that.'”

I’m surprised we don’t see more of this either. I think this is simply a bit more difficult for newbies to do, whereas hacking something like WEP has tons of tutorials which can pay off if the newbie is lucky. I like that these topics come up, because while we have this dull buzz in the background about wireless insecurities, it still is nothing more than a dull buzz. A dangerous dull buzz.

Sadly, this article ends on an off note with the following quote:

“‘Kids are adding to WIGLE all the time — it’s one of the ways you can look cool,’ Rushing says. ‘The more APs you’ve mapped, the cooler you are.'”

If you want to look ignorant and rather retarded, throw a lashout to some useful service and make sure to mention the “kids.” Ugh, this was not necessary to an otherwise good article, and really left me thinking that Rushing is just talking out of his ass here.