i blame you for whatever went wrong to me today

Articles like this one about DHS looking to investigate a government security contractor illustrate some of the crap (normal business activity) that occurs in our industry. I’m not going to presume I know the full story or what was in the original contract or what Unisys’ opinion is, but I think this article illustrates two painful realities.

1. If DHS is attacked and they have someone to blame such as a contractor who should be taking care of things, the blame can and likely will be shifted, rightfully or not. This basically means the “information age” is not just surging along and pulling culture with it, but business culture is requiring information be saved and documented to avoid he-said-she-said crap. So unless Unisys goes the proverbial extra mile in the contract and also documents all deviations or obstacles, and because security will always eventually fail, there will always be a scapegoat. And blaming everyone else for responsibility for things is a hallmark of the 90s and 00s. (All starting with the McDonald’s woman who spilled hot [no shit?!] coffee on herself and successfully sued.)

2. The government is opening up competing bids for the contract. That means we have a major differentiator being cost/price. And we all can guess how the quality of security may follow the line of price. Lowest bid will almost certainly ensure the security is also of lower quality.