cube culture at linkedin

I wish my cube could look like these in the LinkedIn offices. Wow! Now, that is what work really should be like. Although some of the cubes look a little *too* themed and over-the-top, at least they are having fun and seem to encourage employees to be expressive. I really think that can only be a good thing. In my current job, the company has very strict rules about cubes (nothing above the sides, nothing hung outside the small tack boards, no white boards, no plants, no fish, tidy, no real decor…blah blah blah…basically a sterile hospital room), which makes for a very non-homey feel. Meh.

I dig the half-completed ceiling. It adds some depth, prevents the sterile-stifling-ceiling effect, makes things interesting, and likely gives it more air as well. Kinda combining the best effects of a factory facility with an office one. There’s a Superman in the pics that is a little too hung for comfort. Still, it would be fun to come to work in an environment like this. Many people, especially us techies, really do like our professions when given the chance; work is not work for us like it might seem for more blue-collar type jobs or more menial labor. It really is a boon when the company completes that happiness circle by letting employees be happy employees.

I’m surprised I didn’t see any cubes decorated with a variety of logic puzzles, plush toys, and various other little trinkets to play with from ThinkGeek. Geek out while stoking the fires of creativity… I’m also surprised more weren’t covered like the camp-themed one. I think it would be a bit popular to shut out the flourescent lighting and opt for something more cozy in a covered setting. I would take softer, less direct lighting any day over typical sterile office ceiling flourescents. More beanbags in corners for ad-hoc meetings, more comfy chairs for collaboration visits… 🙂