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Today at the bookstore I ran out of magazines to browse over lunch, so I meandered to the book section and picked up Linux Cookbook by Carla Shroder. I really enjoyed the parts I skimmed through, both her style of presentation (excellent!) and the subject matter itself. Very good stuff! Unfortunately, the book is getting dated, and I just really can’t justify buying a dated book when many of the topics I could find updated through Google.

Still, I really do like to find recent material on authors whose style I really dig and really works for me. I saw she did some weblogging with O’Reilly, meandered over there, and I see she has a brand new book out, Linux Networking Cookbook. Oh my, right up my alley! If her style of writing has not changed, I will be picking this book up from BookPool once it is available. I may actually pre-order it now to get the current sale discount… I really like the “cookbook” style books from O’Reilly. I totally enjoy being able to put a book on my desk, and look up various things that I want to do or learn at various times; as opposed to reading a book cover to cover.

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  1. Carla has always been one of my favorite technical authors. I’ll definitely have to pick up a copy of her new book — thank you for mentioning it!
    Her Linux Cookbook was one of the first reviews on Adminspotting:
    The Linux Cookbook is an actual true “cookbook” style book. I’m always wary of O’Reilly’s cookbooks ever since reading the Snort Cookbook which was just a real book but the “chapters” were replaced with “recipes”…

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