a guide to linux services

This post talks about various Linux services in Fedora and Ubuntu (Debian) systems, along with a recommendation on turning them off or not. I really like knowing more about some of the mysterious services running. Normally with Linux, I wouldn’t do the whole “Windows thing” about disabling services because they start on their own, but with Ubuntu I think there is plenty of extra stuff that can be turned off with no ill effect. This might help guide me a bit.

One thought on “a guide to linux services

  1. Thanks Michael for this link. As a linux n00b, I am looking for things like this to help me understand the underlying files system a bit better. I really like Linux. It is my main OS (along with my MacBook Pro) in my home office.
    I would love to put ubuntu on my 5 year old’s machine, but then he could not play Backyard Baseball with Albert Pujols, and that would make him very sad!
    Thanks for the link.

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