seven fundamental info tech career questions

Saw this posted by Ben Rothke, Lee Kushner, founder and CEO of the information security recruitment firm LJ Kushner and Associates, about fundamental IT career questions. It’s nice to see that I’ve asked myself this same battery of questions the past few years, albeit in different ways and words. It seems a very common sense and effective approach.

1. What are my long and short term plans?

2. What are my strengths and weaknesses? Both soft and technical strengths and weaknesses.

3. What skills do I need to develop? It seems more appropriate to say “want” instead of need. If I want to develop the skills I also need, I’m in an appropriate career for my happiness goals.

4. Have I acquired a new skill during the past year? This is great for revising a resume or evaluating a current job. I like to separate this between new skills learned on the job and new skills learned on my own.

5. What are my most significant career accomplishments and will I soon achieve another one?

6. Have I been promoted over the past three years? Promoted or given raises would be my take on this.

7. What investments have I made in my own career?