get things done; create something

I do read a few non-security blogs, and sometimes they offer sage advice. A post by Samuel from (if you freelance/work-for-yourself you can wake up later) has a few excellent points (although I will argue his title doesn’t match the text).

The title of the post is Stop Reading Blogs: Go Create Something. I know from all of the blogs and sites I read regularly, I get such a huge influx of cool things and tools to use, that I end up trying out less than if I just had a shorter queue and more time to try them. My gmail box is overflowing with stuff to check out from the past year. Reading blogs is helpful, but I’m the last person to ever say I know Topic FGH just because I read about it online. I think I’ll make a point this year to start culling my list of useful blogs that I read, or at least organize them in a more tiered fashion from Must Read to Only If Bored.

The post also goes into writing, Stephen King, and reading. I really love this, and I do have a special place in my heart for reading and writing. Find a space that is yours and free of distractions. Get something done. Get started and the hard part is then behind you. Do it for yourself, not others. (If you do it well, the part about the others will find its own place.)

This past year has been the first time I’ve had an apartment to myself, and I’m now pursuing outfitting the second bedroom to be my little workspace conducive to all of my geeky endeavors.