sysadmin job over in new york

If I lived in NYC, I’d totally jump on applying for this Systems Administrator job over at FogCreek. Even if the job wasn’t for me, I really would like to say I have experienced a company like FogCreek and see, firsthand, what all the quiet hype is about over there. Joel’s blog is one of the very few non-security sites I regularly read.

By the way, in that above job, you’d work with Michael. And it looks like he has a brand new security blog, Michael on Security. Good times! I really like to see a sysadmin who is aware and interested in security. This can help ensure, especially for small business where he likely does everything, that what they do will be done with at least some security in mind!

One thought on “sysadmin job over in new york

  1. Michael – thanks for the link!
    Fog Creek is an interesting gig, to say the very least. I’ve got a full plate, and am definitely looking for some help. We’ve got a big year ahead of us!
    Just keep in mind that the right sysadmin can be relocated… 😉

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