scripting games entries are posted to wiki

I am again posting my entries to the scripting games over on my wiki. Due to time constraints, I’ve not been able to devote myself at all to the Perl side of the events, but I have completed all the PowerShell ones (I’ve not turned them in yet and will do so as the deadlines approach). I also decided to try the Sudden Death stuff. Not sure why my first one scored 0, but I emailed them about it. I think me sending it in 1.5 hours before the deadline may have counted against me.

Overall, very fun exercises this year, and I get to learn more about PowerShell. I think the events are just a bit more complicated than last year, which is truly welcome!

Event 1 involved creating a word out of the letter conversion of a 7 digit phone number. Rather than stop at finding an answer, my script finds all the possible ones and just returns the first one.

Event 2 wanted to average scores from a text file and echo the top 3. This was pretty routine, and maybe one of the easier Advanced events.