en-twitter-ized aka i joined twitter

I just signed up for Twitter. I also embedded a tracker for just my posts over on my right menu bar up near the top.

I’ve been online a relatively long time now, nearing 15 years, which has included a lot of social stuff (IM, IRC, forums…). Because of this, I’m not terribly quick on utilizing various newfangled social networks. It’s a lot of work to maintain a presence, and most of my old stuff still works just fine for me. But Twitter looks interesting and mildly useful, basically a web-based IM system when used with others and a more streamlined, eye-blink, steam-of-consciousness blog/journal type of thing when used alone.

I don’t really have ambitions for Twitter beyond logging my own goings-ons that aren’t quite blog-worthy, so feel free to invite/abuse/include me in whatever. Never know, I may instead decide half my posts to Twitter are useless to even me, and the rest I could just roll into blog posts… I certainly have that freedom since I have no ambitions with my blog itself (hence no ads or viewer tallies!).

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