where did the top 50 game lists go?

I like gaming, PC games, consoles, etc. I’ve been a console player since my Atari 2600 and was a *huge* Nintendo nerd. I also had a subscription to Nintendo Power shortly after the magazine debuted.

One of the things I most liked in Nintendo Power was the ongoing Top 100, 50, 25 games (it changed in length over the early years). These were games that ranked based on submitted votes and were not always necessarily obvious games. I found a few gems that way, most notably Chrystalis which appeared in the top 50 regularly for *years.* I finally rented a copy of this popular but rather rare game and absolutely loved it.

Modern mags don’t seem to have this anymore, or if they do it’s so small I miss it! I don’t care which games are selling the most or have had the highest editorial ratings for the past 6 months or some aggregate score as rated by gamers on the web site. I would like to see ongoing user-submitted lists of the most favorite games per platform every month.

Fine, I’ll concede this approach breaks with PC games (I could still vote for Doom 1), but in the console world which flushes the toilet every few years (not including backwards compatibility), this works nicely.

2 thoughts on “where did the top 50 game lists go?

  1. Crystalis! That was one of my favorites as well. That was the post-apocalyptic / fantasy one, right? Where you awoke from some sort of cryogenic sleep in a cave? I loved that game, and remember the victory of completion. I haven’t played a game that made me want to actually finish it in years, outside of Deus Ex Machina.

  2. Yup! It was like Legend of Zelda meets RPG, the top-down fighting where you earn experience and level up. It was an amazing piece of work and one of the best storylines ever! 🙂 Yeah, you woke up from some sleep and basically had to find yourself.
    You know, I need to run that in an emulator and play through it again soon! I bought it for my Gameboy Advance, but the game was changed and dumbed down a little too much. They made it easier than it used to be. 🙁

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