ground rules

Back in high school and college, a buddy and I made some ground rules for ourselves dealing with relationships and women. These rules were designed to not waste time with mistakes or bad situations, and make sure our own behavior didn’t turn sour. (While excellent, something may have been wrong since I’m still single! 🙂 )

In some past posts I see I’ve been slowly formulating some security practice and discussion rules.

I talked about security religions and the difference between people who believe security must be baked in and absolute versus those people who believe in the value of incremental security.

I just posted as well about different perspective scales. This contrasts people who see security in their own fortress against those who view security on a globally relevent scale.

I’m sure I have had more, and will have more yet, but I wanted to start getting in the habit of keeping similar posts linked together, for my own reference. Maybe this is one of those places blogs are insufficient and a wiki would be more appropriate.