there are hacker masterminds everywhar!

I was catching up on comments from the link in my last post about the TJX ‘whistleblower’ on and caught this one:

HOWEVER, I can speak from experience that too frequently companies claim that they were hacked by an evil vicious mastermind when the fault lies in their own lackadaisical response to reported holes in their security.

I get that feeling with most of the disclosure press releases and news reports I read. Really? You had this mastermind hacker attack you? Uh-huh.

This is why I decry our lack of information-sharing.

Ok, I’m done being ornery after the long weekend. 🙂

One thought on “there are hacker masterminds everywhar!

  1. This is why I decry our lack of information-sharing.
    How is that going to change? What are you looking for?
    Whistle-blowers get fired…if they’re lucky. Consultant companies get sued if the consultant’s blab…and the consultant gets blacklisted in the community.
    So who’s going to share information…and what information are you referring to?

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