working from home next week while training

It is amazing I don’t get to work from home more often, being a technology worker and all. Since 9/11 and other disaster events, there has been lots of talk about business continuity and disaster recovery, and it seems to me that working from home is a constant reminder of what it might be like if an office building were suddenly not available. Then again, a huge majority of the stuff I do is remote-based anyway, from VPNs to email to SSH to virtual consoles, to rdp… Besides which, it’s a nice change for the work-life balance, and means I’m removed from interruptions.

Speaking of, I get to work from home all next week as I will be attending training online from Citrix. We just received 4 load-balancers (Netscaler 7000s) to support our web environments, so I get to play with them extensively. It will be nice not only to master the new devices, but to also get closer to the end of this project. Last year we got hosed by Juniper and their shoddy line of load-balancers (now discontinued!), and then our vendor basically stopped talking to us after that. Not really sure why, it’s not like one bad recommendation was going to sink our use of them. Hell, we’ll still do business with other Juniper products as well.

Oh well, we’re moving forward and I’m excited by these devices. They have a ton of reporting options, and really just lots of other features in general. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a modern generation load-balance device (hell, they don’t even call them that anymore, but I’m stuck in my ways). And all devices should have dashboards. Even if I don’t use them a ton, they look important and impressive to everyone else.