quiet tuesday venting

It’s been a bad day, so I’m dropping a few loads on the blog for grins.

You know, I never authorized junk mailers to send my personal information through the Postal Service. I should sue both them and the Postal Service for employing handlers through whom my personal information passes every single day! Seriously, a sealed envelope is so easy to break into. Shouldn’t correspondence with me be encrypted? This is outrageous! *fist pound on desk* How dare you display my name and address for the whole world to see! This is private information! (Yeah, I’m also annoyed when I read articles that get panties bunched about disclosed information that isn’t private or sensitive at all!)

Cloud computing. Hrm, my cloud computing is me being stuck on a problem, asking for some help from people I know (or don’t personally know) on the net, and getting back an answer. That’s my cloud computing. Marketing can get over it.

I really have come to hate two marketing/sales phrases that are grossly overused. “Our product is like product Z on steroids.” So, don’t steroids have a wide range of detrimental effects and are banned in most sports? How evil. “Our product is like a swiss army knife in the ABC space.” Yeah, too bad that’s what everyone else is claiming too. Don’t tell me these things. At all. Just get into showing me the goods.

And I just have to add that Jack Thompson continues to fall further and further into the dark spiral that is Losing Touch with Reality. Gamers know what I’m talking about…