dns server patches coming out

Over on DarkReading I just read up on a finding by Dan Kaminsky that is resulting in a rather huge rollout of DNS server patches from a crazy number of vendors. Seems like someone either hit on a critical issue or, as Ptacek is quoted in the article, an exploit has been developed.

It sounds logical that the issue is related to old issues with spoofing query responses fast enough (and when leveraging recent well-known PRNG issues) and today’s ability to send lots of packets really fast. Bombard a server with specific DNS queries while at the same time spoofing a bombardment of responses to the server that look like they are from an authoritative server, and you might just hit upon a good combination which can poison the DNS cache of that server for a short time. Anyone else making the same DNS request from a poisoned server will be given the bad IP address and get sent to the bad server.

Being able to actually weaponize this would be pretty valuable as users would really never know they were on a bad site unless their browser queries several DNS servers to compare the results or the bad server IP is blacklisted somehow. Calling in to tech support when the site doesn’t work (for instance when the login isn’t accepted) will result in a lot of testing before even possibly hitting upon the problem. Then again, attackers can just make a fake front page and pass the users on to the real site after farming out the login info. Until the accounts are hijacked, no one is going to be the wiser.

Follow the links in the article for more information on the older issues. More info on PRNG vulnerabilities can be found from your local Google site.