bypassing the terrorist watch list

It is not new that the TSA/FBI gets shit for their “terrorist watch list” (or no-fly list) in the airline industry. But I read through this article (top story on CNN front page even) out of amusement, which quickly turned to head-shaking, and even a bit of anger by the end of it.

Wow, just get rid of the fucking thing! Not only is it obvious how easy it is to avoid, but it’s not like being denied entry on a plane will thwart anything. So they don’t fly that day. They’ll fly the next day under a slightly different name like the people in the article. What a waste. And then the people who an stop such madness just end up pointing fingers and blaming each other while not actually doing a damn thing.

Such stupid decisions get made with something as big and visible as the gov’t and airline safety. I guess I shouldn’t then be surprised when far smaller groups of people in various organizations make equally bonehead security decisions, eh?*

(* On a side note, I’m becoming more convinced that lots of people in high positions make poor decisions, especially with security, because the people who report to them aren’t entirely honest or maybe unintentionally miscommunicating… one thing I hope to learn sooner than later is to lay things out to such persons, even if their name is on my check and they don’t initially like what I have to say.)