my week in recap- power outage

I looked around our team meeting today and realized I’m now #2 on the seniority list in our team of 5. Sweet! Well, ok there’s 4 since we just hired a new one this week. And I’ll still be the youngest and overall least-experienced guy on the team. Doh!

This week has been as busy as the other recent weeks, although the pressure has been a bit higher. Tuesday evening at 6:30pm several square miles around our office building dropped power until 11:40pm. This gave us a great trial-by-fire exercise of moving to our would-have-been-completed-in-a-few-weeks DR location 22 miles away. Yeah, when did the “disaster” strike? In what I would call the worst time to have one: when your DR implementation is only half done!*

The end result? Things got moved. Power came back. Things got moved back. And like any good incident (hello security incidents!), this re-lit a fire under the powers-that-be to properly re-prioritize my (our) time back onto the DR project and away from other (perceived) fires. Yay!**

* Some would take the cliche of saying the worst time is when you don’t have a DR plan. But I contend that at least when you don’t have one you have no one making wrong assumptions of your capabilities since you have none!

** I really hate the state of being only concerned about something when it is front of your face burning your nose off. Like DR priorities only when a disaster strikes. Security initiatives only after a breach. Caring about Topic X only when coming off the high of Conference on Topic X. I appreciate (deeply) people who think about DR when disaster seems moons away, or security when there hasn’t been a known breach of consequence in years, or the need for Topic X when it is not the hot new thing found in a security marketing drivel security magazine.