the story of an insider by synjunkie

SynJunkie has recently written an excellent security story on his blog. It is written in 3 parts (with an Intro) and includes not just security topics, but actual tools, screenshots, commands, and scripts used as props. I find this sort of an approach amazingly awesome. I really hope he writes more of these, since they are useful on many levels!* Who needs a boring tutorial when you have faux-case studies?

part 1
part 2
part 3

* I’m also bookmarking this for myself as an example on why I strongly believe admins and security analysts need “free time” to pursue issues like this, rather than follow the knee-jerk reaction of lowering security to get the immediate monkeys off our backs.

One thought on “the story of an insider by synjunkie

  1. I’m really glad you enjoyed my blog post. I agree with you comment entirely regarding having time set aside for tasks such as log analysis and research. I know in my experience I am expected to do that sort of thing on my own time or over lunch, which sucks really.
    Here’s to a new breed of security manager.
    Happy holidays Michael

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