downadup/conficker worm details

I sometimes skip posting about major events for a few reasons, two of which being I hate sounding like I’m just repeating what everyone else says, and any one who reads my blog should be involved enough to not use my blog for breaking news.

Anyway, the Downadup/Conficker worm has arrived and made its way into the mainstream media. I posted some info to my team and boss about it this weekend. Here are some links to more information (the more the better, especially for the analysis since no one source seems to get it all).

CNN article
F-Secure details
SANS info

Really, this whole worm occurence begs the age old question, “Did you update when you were told? Did you even know this was brewing?”

For us, this is still a somewhat non-event, although the widespread reality of this worm raises my concern over incoming laptops and VPN connections from home users, but not enough to keep me up at night, yet.

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