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This article on the continuing saga of the Heartland Payment System data breach falls under the category of, “…no shit, you make a great and obvious point! By the way, that’s egg dripping off your face, right?”

He has called for greater information sharing to prevent cyber-criminals from using the same or similar techniques in multiple attacks.

“I believe that had we known the details about previous intrusions, we might have found and prevented the problem we learned of last week,” [CEO Robert] Carr said.

Obviously I pine about this sort of thing regularly. I think Jericho put it best on the infosecnews mailing list:

Great! I’m glad to hear Mr. Carr is all about sharing information. I take it to mean that we will get the full story about what happened at Heartland first, to show that he is serious about sharing information. Afterall, by his reasoning, if he shares this type of information with the world, then he may help prevent another intrusion like it.

Lastly, Mr. Carr, I can point you in the direction of any number of people who know and can share details on how to be better with security, some of whom may be technical employees in your own business. Don’t spread the blame of personal and corporate ignorance across an entire industry (even if that is true, don’t dilute the issue of Heartland in particular). At some point, someone made a mistake, made a poor risk acceptance, or decided that feigned ignorance is best (a tactic we’re taught from childhood…). I don’t mind if those above possibilities are the real reason (it happens!), but I do mind when someone tries to avoid admitting as much.