those darned kids don’t check email anymore

I’ve long proclaimed email is dead (ok, it’s very slowly dying). It is great, but wasn’t ideal or forward-thinking enough (I can easily say that now that we’re beyond the forward!). IRC had it right early on, but just wasn’t and isn’t accessible enough… IM is excellent, but you often lose the buffering ability when someone is offline.

At lunch the other day I overheard a group of older adults talking and they delved into the topic of communicating with younger kids/adults. “They just don’t check their email like they used to. You have to text or post on their Facebook to get their attention.”

It’s true, right? Email is still dying and giving way to texting, IM, and social networking (aka Twitter, Facebook). Say that to anyone in a corporation and they may argue, but I’ll argue back that corporations (and later government) are the slowest entities to change. We’ll drag email on for another 10 years, most likely.

So last night I checked out my Twitter feeds again. Yeah, pretty hopping especially during and post-Shmoocon! In fact, I notice I still get new people following me very regularly. Seems I should jump back in! Hell, I also noticed I had some LinkedIn requests and Facebook requests (when the crap did I open a Facebook?!)…I may not dive totally into the latter one, but Twitter is just too powerful and cool paired with texting to keep drifting away from it.