think about satellite tv hacking

We can’t talk about much in security without the silly thought that we might be “spreading FUD.” That is largely because shit just isn’t as secure as people think it is or expect it should be! Of course, there are two types of FUD: True FUD and False FUD. ..A discussion for another time perhaps!

More FU…errr…insecurity talk will be had at a presentation I wish I could see: Adam Laurie’s Satellite TV Hacking at Black Hate DC. An article about it is over at The Register.

One thought on “think about satellite tv hacking

  1. i would argue that true fud (as opposed to false fud) isn’t really fud at all… while you can certainly create fear with the truth, you cannot cloud an accurate picture of reality with the truth, you can only do that with a falsehood…
    uncertainty in that which legitimately cannot be predicted is expected and normal, likewise doubt in something whose efficacy is low, and fear of something that can actually do harm… fud is a pejorative term so the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that make it up must not belong…

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