a little late to the ie7 horrible interface party

I’ve casually used IE7 on a test work machine and on my gaming machine, i.e. not very much and certainly not enough to play around with the interface. Last evening at work we rolled it out to all desktop users. Holy sweet mother is that top bar a cluster of a mess! I normally wouldn’t mind it if I could fix it, but IE7’s customization is pretty much half-assed.

Optional menu bar? What are they smoking?
Can’t move the menu bar to the top where it belongs without a registry edit?
Can’t remove the Search box without a registry edit?
Can’t drag pieces up into the top bar?
The Home button is now broken away from the Back/Forward/Reload/Stop buttons?
Can’t edit or move the top bar?
Star (Favorites) buttons I can’t remove?

Again, I wouldn’t mind it if I were allowed to reset them all and move and disable what I want, but I don’t see a way to make this look decent at all! 🙁 I tend to be as mimimalist as possible with my browser, while still being functional. Small top bars, only 2 rows, and nothing that I don’t otherwise use regularly. I’m a computer user and thus I am fine using hotkeys or Menu bar dropdowns for occasional stuff. For tabbed browsing and a bar of Links that I only use on a work system, I’ll suffice with 3 rows of junk on the top. IE7 has me stuck with 4 at the moment.

And while I’m not against registry edits, it is obvious Microsoft did not intend for these options, and I dislike adjusting a corporate browser away from the standard settings.