upgrade your wi-spy for a discount

Thanks to Douglas Haider for posting that MetaGeek is offering a “turn-in/upgrade” deal for Wi-Spy users. If you send in your ol Wi-Spy, you’ll get a discount on a newer one. That’s not bad, especially since I got mine back when they were still $99 I think.

However, I don’t use it nearly as much as other things I could buy at that price point (yay opportunity costs!).

Upgrading to the Wi-Spy 2.4x is $200, and might be worth it. Paying $400 to get a DBx which really just adds 5Ghz monitoring, might be a bit of a stretch, especially since I have yet to encounter a wireless LAN operating in that range. A full product comparison is available.

So, a total of about $300 for a device like this is right about the borderline for me. It is nice and really awesome to have when you have a use for it, but otherwise tends to sit around doing nothing special. If the device itself were just a bit cheaper, I would consider this a no-brainer. Even still, I’m really considering the 2.4x upgrade…