terminal23.net to open cloud computing services to public


Terminal23.net is proud to announce their offering of cloud computing services to the general public. Terminal23.net will immediately begin offering blog, news, and commenting services to all customers through its stable and scalable cloud computing architecture. As a visitor to our service, the more you click around, the more our system recognizes this and provisions computing resources to serve your news needs. In addition, customers do not have to worry about the complexity of the underlying technology!
Terminal23.net is also proud to align itself with the Open Cloud Manifesto principles!

  • We are dedicated to working with other cloud computing providers to offer address the challenges of adoption our service may have, and to support ongoing standards. We have started by using common blog software, and a common layout of post title, body, date, and even comment services!
  • At no time will we lock our customers into using only our service. Feel free to read other blogs, too!
  • We will work diligently to align ourselves with existing standards wherever possible.
  • We will also be aware that needs for new standards will be met through collaboration rather than individual standard provisioning.
  • We will be committed to working with the community, not to further our own technical needs, but rather in response to customer needs.
  • We will…hell..these all sound the same anyway, so we just meet the last principle too!

Terminal23.net is excited for the future and our offering this new service to the public. This is a new chapter in our organization!