throw-away mail box sites

I’ve long used pookmail as a throw-away email box for various things, mostly just to sign up for downloads or worthless one-time-use accounts. I see they’re no longer offering that service.

I know about Mailinator and am using it now, but does anyone know any others? Mostly I just want a couple back-up options.

On a similar note, I should someday get myself a PO Box; one that supports a non-obvious PO Box-like address…

Isn’t that funny? Some companies won’t ship products to a PO Box, so you have to obfuscate it like 1234 Hickory Lane #9870-B. Same thing happens in the digital world with spoofing and forwarding all the time, or services that obfuscate the originator (PayPal? Mailinator?). Why don’t companies just allow shipping to a PO Box? It obviously is a need, even as much as it is abused… Maybe most people don’t go through such hoops, I guess.

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