sinking in that twitter use has exploded

I’ve read but really didn’t digest that Twitter use has exploded this year. It was only maybe half a year ago when the most-followed people on Twitter were all excited about 40,000 followers. Now celebrities are topping 300,000 with ease! That’s crazy.

What’s interesting is how this may change culture a bit. On one hand, all of us norms get to see all the silly crap that celebrities think they want to tweet about (and mispell!). Kinda like what will be known as the Kevin Rose effect: it will make celebrities be much more down-to-earth, almost like you know them.

On the other hand, they lose more privacy indirectly as well, such as checking out the few privileged people your favorite celebs are following, some of whom may be unaccustomed to the attention, etc. Not to mention vulnerable to social attacks.