vmware server 2 on ubuntu 9.04 is painless now

Installing VMWare on Ubuntu is surprisingly easy these days. It has been a couple major releases since I did so, but this weekend I rebuilt my VM host box.

I installed Ubuntu 9.04 server and chose the Virtual Host option. I really don’t have a good reason why other than that’s what the box would be. Once done, this leaves the box at a command line prompt.

After a little reading, I found out that VMWare Server 2 now installs with a web-based admin interface and not the normal GUI-required interface. Whoa, big improvement! I don’t need Gnome anymore!

The rest of the installation went smoothly with the only difficulty coming from downloading the VMWare Server 2 tarball through Lynx (hint: sign up for a throw-away account on a different box, then just sign in on Lynx). But after that, no more magic tricks to get VMWare to work on Ubuntu. I accepted all defaults other than VM storage location. I had a passwd set for root, so I could use root for now as the login.

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