is china putting itself in danger with green dam?

I find this news particularly interesting. China’s Green Dam software is riddled with bugs? Nice!

Not only is the government lowering overall security (and illustrating that even on a national security level functionality trumps security), but homogenous systems like that scare me. A business with a standard security suite is one thing, but a country of a billion people is a whole new game. If a government ever mandated a piece of software for its citizens and businesses, I can pretty much guarantee you it will be the most tested, fuzzed, and attacked piece of software since Windows, because just one remote exploit can turn into a virtual nuke for a government whose hackers find it…

If you click the link in the link I posted (or go to this article), you get this juicy quote from the CEO of the Green Dam maker:

“We are specialists in producing Internet filtering software rather than security,” Zhang said, according told the China Daily.