nanomite security in a box

You buy our appliance and plug it into your data center. With care, cool temperatures, and constant feeding with power and network packets (they do not have to be destined to the box, but just spanned over), the appliance will start to produce nanomites within 6 months.

These mechanical mites will first gestate inside the appliance, but will soon skitter across your network cables and fix everything wrong. They will also steal unused bits and bytes of storage and bring them back to the hiv…appliance.

After 6 more months of scavenging unused cycles and bits, the appliance will begin to produce nanomites v2: physical security. They will be constructed inside the appliance and when ready, slip out of the vents and secure your data center. Do not be alarmed if you see network cables moving as if blown by a breeze, or small shadows around the corners of the racks when no one is around. Those are just the nanomites!

They are small enough to slip unnoticed anywhere, including all of your office PCs and telephones. They are constructed to adopt such devices as their new homes and they will protect them and their security for 47 years, per their average life expectancy. If your users or the systems they use exhibit insecure tendencies or practices, they will take physical action to shock…err…correct the situation.

Hmm…so not wanting to be at work today. Need sleepy. The above inspired after seeing Rybolov’s picture of a cat appliance!