identity theft issues still hard to grasp for most

ID theft has been around a very, very long time. Only with the relatively recent explosion of the Internet has it become more than just an acceptable “cost of business.” So in recent years you’d think places, like, oh I don’t know say, local banks, would have a lot more awareness of the issues and do simple things like, I don’t know, shred or securely dispose of paper waste.
I guess not. Even today…

Federal agents say Nelson said it was easy to find new victims: All he needed to do was visit a local bank and search their dumpsters.

My only complaint on the news article is this part:

CBS13 was able to find processed deposit slips and junk mail with full names and addresses in the garbage of a local bank.

With absolutely no reference on why that sort of information might be useful or dangerous. Is my full name and address sensitive information? I would hope not since it’s public…