and you think us sec geeks bitch a lot…!

Every now and then you have to poke your head out from amongst the security geek circles and see what slightly more normal people have to say about a topic. Tonight, my moment of slumming comes from the comments on a story about a recent McAfee AV update that went bad.

From calling out for alternative OS solutions (in an office environment) to denouncing all AV to not understanding scales of economy and so on, the comments remind me that the opinions of the world are far worse outside the walls of our little geekdoms.

Kinda puts it into perspective what companies have to deal with when they service both corporate and home users, eh?

3 thoughts on “and you think us sec geeks bitch a lot…!

  1. Long time reader, first time caller.. Oddly enough, the DoA uses McAfee almost exclusively for almost all of their Windows systems via the HBSS program (ePO, HIPS, AV, etc). Right now, checking into my systems, I don’t see any problems or any alerts coming over the wire from our end. It will be interesting to track this and see cause and effected systems.

  2. Yeah, I also am a McAfee shop whether I like it or not. That’s probably the reason I took particular interest in this story. Thankfully, we do keep updated with our software. It seems only outdated installs are running into this problem.

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