my quick comments on milw0rm outage

It’s been a tiring week for news in the infosec world this week.

Between the DirectShow vulnerability and milw0rm faltering (and going down fully)…and it’s not even Thursday…

Here’s hoping milw0rm comes back up and str0ke gets some trustworthy and skilled help to keep it operative at the high level of quality it has had (I’ll third mubix being involved!). Not only has the content been top-notch (the burgeoning videos section comes to mind) but it has been an extreme help for researching vulnerabilities and exploits. I know, kids can get their hands on stuff like this and do mischief, but I truly feel that it does more harm than good to hide information under layers of moral grey lines.

Not only that, but if we keep hiding shit, we can’t allow more truly skilled security professionals to grow. And let’s face it, so many of us are hugely self-taught or community-taught. We need information to be open so we can keep making informed experts and share knowledge. Otherwise we just become elitist and closed-door…and everyone else has to repeatedly re-invent the wheel.

As far as rumors of FBI pressure on the hosting provider for milw0rm, you would really think law enforcement would prefer “the enemy” to remain on the open in places you can watch too. Milw0rm, at least in my point of view and experience, has been far more a positive to security than it has been a boon for those who spread insecurity. By far. Not even close.