security and user-friendliness both have to give ground

It is trendy to rage against security impeding people’s habits and convenience. “We need to make security user-friendly and unimpeding!” Well, that’s great, but keep in mind the flip side: some people’s habits and ‘user-friendly practices’ are bad ones.

When a side door is propped open with a bucket, is that a bad habit? Probably. Should security be attentive to this user need? Maybe. Maybe it should be a two-way door guarded by a camera and guard like the front door? Then again, that’s a business decision to make, not necessarily a security or even “pro-convenience” decision.

This is just a knee-jerk reaction to reading an essay espousing the need for security to be more attentive to user convenience. I’m just wanting to make sure we have a balance, not too much either way.