dialogue will save us

Last week I had a tiny, tiny rant about some feelings on isolated HR practices. The author who inspired my tiny, tiny rant posted a response to my initial comment on his blog, so it is only fair and right that I mention it here as well. Appreciation and thanks passed on! 🙂

Of note, I don’t have a relationship with any recruiters. I still get a voice mail on my phone now and then from a firm or two, but I admit to not following up or updating my resume with them (god, I still haven’t put CISSP on it either!). I really should get my face back on some recruiters minds…but I’m more than aware that Des Moines is not a very big city by any means, and most IT managers/recruiters are probably only 1 or 2 steps away from any others whom I talk to. I don’t like the idea that someone hears I might be looking, just because I updated with a recruiter. (One recruiter 3 years ago scared me away because she made mention she was well-acquainted with my boss, whom I wasn’t telling I was looking for a job…). I imagine with my CISSP and easily 5+ (loyal) years progressive technical experience I’m actually now marketable.